5 Stunning Victorian Homes for Sale in Portland

As a city, Portland has a lot of history within its streets. While the area has been under new construction and development in recent years, Portland still has plenty of spots that have maintained their “old-world” charm. While Victorian-style houses are not very plentiful, they are a delight to behold. Some of the most renowned properties in Portland are Victorian (the Pittock Mansion comes to mind), and you can buy one for your family as well.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five must-see Victorian homes for sale in Portland. Whether you’re looking to own a piece of history or you just love the style, these properties are sure to delight.

What Makes a Home “Victorian?”

In the United Kingdom, the Victorian Era defines the years in which Queen Victoria ruled over the kingdom, which were between 1837 and 1901. Homes built during this time are considered “Victorian”, but they can vary greatly in style, shape, and materials – at least, in England.

In the States, Victorian-style homes have a few key features that help them stand out from more modern structures, including:

  • Steep, Gabled Roofs
  • Turrets or Rounded Sections
  • Large Windows, Typically Bay Windows
  • Decorative Elements and Woodwork
  • Bright Colors

Oddly enough, many of the Victorian homes in the U.S. are a blend of styles, including Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Italianate. In Portland, the most defining characteristic of Victorian-style homes is the turret, which is present on all of the properties listed below. These houses are also all multi-story, giving them a more imposing, yet inviting presence.

#1 – 1503 NE Shuyler St.

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Kicking us off is this gorgeous mansion from the tail end of the Victoria era. Built in 1906, you can really get a sense of history and class from its decor and design. Thanks to its spacious interior, this property will work well as a bed and breakfast, or you can simply use the rooms for guests whenever having company over.

As a corner lot, this home towers over most of the other properties on the block, making it the envy of neighbors everywhere. With a stunning entryway and wraparound porch, this home is ideal for all of Portland’s seasons. With so much interior space, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your interior design skills.

#2 – 2234 NW Johnson St.

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Although this next Portland home for sale is not as grandiose as the previous one, it does have much more history behind it. Built within the Victorian Era (1882), this building is listed on the historic register as the Sprague Marshall Bowie House. This property is an excellent blend of nature and architecture, as the trees and shrubbery make it seem more elusive and secretive, like your own private hideaway.

Technically speaking, this is more of an Italianate-style home, meaning that is is modeled more closely after Italian Renaissance villas. However, it does come with a rounded turret and decorative wood elements, making it clearly Victorian upon first glance. Inside, you’ll find a mix of old-fashioned fixtures and modern conveniences, making this an ideal home for all ages.

#3 – 3814 SE Martins St.

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Although this property is smack in the middle of Southeast Portland, you almost wouldn’t know that you’re so close to a major metropolitan area. With almost half an acre of land surrounding this home, you have a slice of country paradise all to yourself. Compared to other Victorian-style Portland homes for sale, this is one of the most opulent and secluded options you can find.

As we mentioned, most Victorian homes in the U.S. are actually a blend of multiple styles, and this one incorporates much of the Queen Anne design, complete with an artist’s retreat on the third floor. When nestled inside this cozy room, you can get gorgeous views of the Eastmoreland neighborhood.

#4 – 2260 NW Irving St.

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While having plenty of space to run around is appealing for some, maintaining such a big yard can be a hassle for others. If you’re looking for a piece of Portland history while staying right in the heart of the city, look no further than this property on NW Irving St in the Alphabet District.

Thanks to this home’s narrow design, you get some incredible vaulted ceilings on each of the three stories. While the official bedrooms are all on the second floor, the top story can be converted to a master suite for the luxury-minded owners. Large windows let in lots of natural light, and two living rooms provide plenty of space for entertaining. There is even a back porch to enjoy summers in Portland.

#5 – 2343 NW Irving St

See the “after” photos of this recently remodeled Victorian home.

Just down the street from our number four house is this masterpiece. Although the exterior screams Victorian, thanks to its gabled roofs and second-floor turret, the interior is all modern. Also, you don’t have to get creative to turn the third floor into a master suite because it already is.

Almost all of the interior has been upgraded, complete with new fixtures and appliances. Unless you’re looking at the home from the outside, you wouldn’t imagine that it was built in 1892. Modern amenities, coupled with the proximity to all of the action within the Alphabet District means that this house is perfect for New Portland residents.

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