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5 Fixers for Sale in North Portland Under $400K 27Sep Ready to dive into the world of owning rental property and becoming a Portland landlord? Or maybe it’s time for ... READ ARTICLE 5 Fixers for Sale Over 3K Sq. Ft. in SE Portland 2Jun Finding the right fixer can mean huge long-term savings and equity building whether you choose to live in the home, ... READ ARTICLE 5 Fixers Portland Homes for Sale Over 3K Sq. Ft. 15Mar Portland is full of old homes, many of which could use some TLC to transform them back to their original ... READ ARTICLE 5 Fixer Portland Homes for Sale Under $400K 1Feb Portland is full of older homes waiting to be transformed into beautiful, livable spaces for a first-time home owner or ... READ ARTICLE 5 Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Portland for 500K and Under 14Oct In the market for a home you can flip or turn into a possible rental situation? Whatever your reason for ... READ ARTICLE 5 Fixer Homes for Sale in Portland Under 300K 31Aug Buying a fixer upper home in Portland isn’t just for aspiring real estate investors or house-flippers. Even those who want ... READ ARTICLE portland fixer homes for sale 5 Portland Fixers with Huge Square Footage 15Apr Intrigued by the idea of taking on the project of a fixer upper? As we’ve mentioned before, one great thing ... READ ARTICLE An old, ruined house in cracks with broken glasses and a renovated beautiful country cottage. concept before and after repair. flat vector illustration isolated on white background 5 Homes in Portland for Sale, For Over 1 Year 9Feb So you see a listing that peaks your curiosity, but then you notice it’s been on the market a long ... READ ARTICLE homes on market portland 5 Cheapest Fixer Homes for Sale in Portland 21Jan Got the itch to put in a little sweat equity? Or interested in making an investment that needs a little ... READ ARTICLE