5 Most Romantic Portland Condos for Sale – All with Price Drops!

Do you think of condos only as big, shiny buildings downtown? Or, alternatively, as being part of a more sprawling, suburban complex? Yes, those options certainly exist. But condos can also take many other forms.

The term “condominium” literally means co-ownership. There’s one building, with multiple owners. That’s it! The permutations are, therefore, numerous. For example, when you search for condos on our site, you can find anything from a duplex in Northeast to a unit in a skyscraper downtown. But if the word “condo” evokes only a cookie cutter image to you, you could be missing out on some of Portland’s most exciting homes.

It’s easy to fall into the misconception that only single family homes offer up a certain romance. Single-family, detached housing typically calls to mind the kind of charm many aspiring homeowners seek. To dispel this myth, today we’ll take a look at five Portland condos or townhomes that will satisfy the sappiest romantic in the room.

And as a bonus, all of these properties recently dropped in price! To find them, we searched for condos and townhomes, then applied our VestorFilter™ for the biggest price drop in the past 7 days (you can find it on the left side of the screen). It’s a great way to keep track of properties that may have motivated sellers – something to look out for on the market these days. Aside from the suburbs, the condo market in Portland is still suffering. This could be your chance, then, to snag one of these amazing, incredibly romantic homes for a steal.

#1 – 2046 NW Flanders St. #1


We’ll kick things off with a bang here. This building dates back to 1907, but the HOA fees here have certainly paid off! It’s meticulously maintained, from the period charm to modern updates. The facade here says it all. Majestic columns and enormous bay windows frame the entrance, which leads to a cozy and stylish one bedroom. The space itself embodies the phrase “small but mighty.” High ceilings, original hardwood floors, and a good division of space spell urban living at its finest. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned location – this Alphabet District condo is situated in a highly desirable area, close to some of Northwest Portland’s most exciting restaurants.

And yet this one hasn’t been snatched off the shelf yet. In fact, the listing’s dropped by $15,000 to date.

#2 – 726 NW 11th Ave. #504

726 NW 11TH AVE 504

Entrance is everything with this next listing. The gates, surrounded by lush and well-maintained greenery look like they could open onto a university. But rest assured, no rough around the edges dorm rooms lie beyond those gates. Instead, you’ll find modern condo living. An inviting fireplace makes the centerpiece of the living area, which also lets out onto an elegant terrace for some outdoor space.

The location’s advantages here can’t be exaggerated either. We’re talking the heart of the Pearl District – with a streetcar stop right outside the building. But this central location doesn’t necessarily make this home the site of a bidding war, apparently. It’s dropped in price by $49,900 in total. To us, that sounds like a big opportunity for the right buyer.

#3 – 7055 SE Clinton St.


Remember how we sang the praises of the diversity of the condo/townhouse market? Now we prove that point with a big pivot into a completely different type of residence. This property is the only detached home on this list. So why does it place here rather than with single family homes? Because it still comes with an HOA – and a serious one. While detached, this home is part of a larger community, and the HOA covers everything from the community garden to the yard work on the individual properties. That makes this home an excellent choice for anyone who wants the feel of a single family home without some of the responsibilities.

Sound like the best of both worlds? It doesn’t end there. While a newer build – 2004 – this home still exudes the kind of cottage charm of a classic older Portland home. On top of that, you’re situated just blocks from Mt. Tabor, a fantastic location. The price dropped $50,000 on the 10th, signaling that the sellers might be getting the itch.

#4 – 2250 NE Flanders St. #13


Speaking of great locations, this next listing sits in the heart of the Kerns neighborhood, with Buckman to the south and Sullivan’s Gulch to the north. But the advantages don’t end there. This building carries with it the aura of an Italian villa, with beautiful detailing and lovely gardens.

Inside, you’ll find a spacious living and dining area with plenty of modern updates. Space, in fact, shouldn’t be much of an issue here. The main bedroom features a huge walk in closet, for one. But be sure not to miss the huge basement area, which is currently being used as an artist’s studio. Imagine the possibilities! And so far, you can snag this one for $40,000 under the original list price.

#5 – 1731 NW Irving St.


To finish, let’s check out a true piece of Portland history. This 1884 Queen Anne Victorian calls to the nostalgic romantic in all of us. Located right in the heart of the Alphabet District, it’s actually pretty famous for its architecture. (Yes, it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places for quite some time.) Notice the embellishments on the facade, from the dentils lining the top of the front porch to the scalloped shingles offering even more texture. Inside, get ready for high ceilings, wooden trim, and stained glass. Total price drop on this one? A big $61,000. Take advantage of this opportunity today!

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