10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale in Portland Today

When it comes to buying a home, having a budget is crucial. Fortunately, if your budget is high enough, Portland has some incredible properties available within the city. Whether you want stunning views, opulent architecture, or just plenty of room to stretch your legs, here are the top 10 most expensive homes for sale in Portland today. Try not to drool too much when gazing upon these masterpieces.

#1 – 1011 SW Davenport St

If you’ve browsed high-end homes in the Portland area, you may be familiar with the name Roscoe Hemenway. He was one of the most prolific and well-known residential architects in the city, designing over 300 homes in his career. Although many of them were elegant, this may be his masterpiece.

One feature you’ll love about this house is the view. Depending on which side you’re on, you can see the heart of Downtown Portland, the Willamette River, or Mount Hood. There is a back patio that allows you to drink in the scenery to your heart’s desire.

Inside, this home is a blend of traditional and modern. Wood trims give an old-fashioned vibe, but the ample natural lighting and minimalist color scheme is firmly planted in the 21st century. Entertaining guest is also a breeze, thanks to the full wet bar and wine cellar, as well as a large entertainment room.

#2 2023 SW Montgomery Dr

Here we have an old-fashioned home with lots of charm. Its façade is both elegant and traditional, calling to mind Old World cottages. Inside, this house is even more vibrant, with lots of hardwood flooring and accents. The kitchen is one of the highlights of this place, as it blends vintage and modern designs.

All four floors of this house maintain the same aesthetic, with vintage light fixtures, lots of wood paneling and trim, and original accents. The bedrooms are all on the second floor, and the third story can be used as a study or party room, depending on your preference. This house also comes with a built-in internal vacuum system, allowing you to spot clean dirt and debris without having to pull out a separate appliance. There is also a wet bar for hosting high-class events.

#3 2884 NW Cumberland Rd

If you want to feel like European royalty, this is the home for you. Modeled as a Mediterranean estate, you can almost feel the spray of the sea as you stand out on the deck. The upper terrace offers gorgeous views of the city and surrounding mountains, so you’ll likely want to spend as much time up there as possible.

Other amenities that help you feel like you’re living on an Italian villa include an outdoor saltwater pool, a hot tub, a solarium, and plenty of Old World design features. The towering columns that greet you when you come in also help add to the aesthetic.

#4 4455 SW Greenhills Way

Nestled in the heart of SW Portland, this home has a very mid-century, minimalist feel to it. Although the home was not designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, it is infused with similar DNA, thanks to its straight lights, earth tones, and rustic finishes.

As you can see, one of this home’s highlights is the outdoor pool, which comes with a full-sized guest house. Best of all, the guest house has its own sauna, so you can get the full spa experience, right at home. While sitting on the deck, you get stunning views of the city, and on clear days, you can make out Mt. Saint Helens.

#5 1830 SW Laurel St

Here we have a grand and elegant Cape Cod-style house, designed by architect Emil Schacht. The look and feel of this home is warm and cozy, making it perfect for families of all sizes. During the winter, you can snuggle up with your beau next to the fireplace. During the summer, the lawn is ideal for running around and playing games. This property also comes with two private patios for entertaining guests or reading a good book.

Inside, the home is quite spacious, and many of the rooms have vintage wood trim to accentuate the design. The kitchen is also incredible, thanks to its hardwood panel floors and central island. Perfect for making cookies or catering a large dinner party.

#6 1680 SW Montgomery Dr

If views are a must-have, then you will love this house, designed and built by Skylab. As with the Greenhills property, this home has the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright in every room. Towering windows allow you to see the city and nearby mountains from almost every corner of the property.

Inside, the place is sleek and modern, with minimalist designs and features. You almost get the feeling like you’re living in the future, thanks to its open-air concept and modern materials. Even the fireplace is chic, with thin stone slabs in place of brick or masonry. Overall, this place feels more like a sanctuary than a house.

#7 1630 SW Clifton Dr

Here we have another exquisite property from architect Roscoe Hemenway. This colonial-style house harkens back to a simpler time, while still retaining a more contemporary feel. Inside, the design aesthetic is traditional, with many wood accents and trim.

Although the attic is unfinished, it does have plenty of space to let your creativity run wild. You can convert it into a guest room, a playroom for little ones, or a hangout spot when you need to get away from it all. This home also has a wine cellar and study, further enhancing its colonial spirit.

#8 – 5050 SW Patton Rd

Since this home is nestled within the forest, it can feel like more of a treehouse than anything else. Tall windows in the back let you see nature up close while still maintaining your distance. High vaulted ceilings help make this home feel more spacious, as you have plenty of room to stretch and move around.

With so much interior space, you have free reign to design the layout and style. The kitchen feels like a modern art piece, with a curved island and minimalist façade. If you like having plenty of space, this is the home for you.

#9 – 3737 SW Humphrey Blvd

This ranch-style home can make you feel like you’re living at a country resort. With stunning views of nature and the city, as well as large outdoor decks, you will appreciate living in the Pacific Northwest even more by living here.

Inside, the home has a rustic yet modern flair, with wood paneling and accents throughout. You also have a massive backyard, perfect for playing games or enjoying the fresh air. There is even a garden so you can grow your own vegetables if you like. The rear of the property is free of tall trees so that you can enjoy more of Portland’s splendor when sitting on the deck.

#10 – 1597 SW Upper Hall St

This home has a blend of design styles and aesthetics, which merge to form a unique property. Rooms have both modern and traditional elements, including masonry, marble, glass, wood, and tile. A large portico entrance gives the place a more grandiose feel, as does the sublime view of downtown Portland.

Overall, this home is simple yet elegant, and is perfect for families. It also includes a 1000-bottle wine room, so connoisseurs will appreciate having so much space to show off their collection.

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