Portland’s 5 Most Eco-Friendly Condos for Sale Now

Recently, we profiled five single family listings with the highest Home Energy Scores. If this is the first you’re hearing about Home Energy Scores, you might have some questions! Developed by the Department of Energy, a Home Energy Score gives a rating between 1 and 10 for how energy efficient a home is. The program incentivizes environmentally friendly updates while keeping the consumer informed. The city of Portland requires that most sellers obtain and disclose their property’s Home Energy Score at the time of listing.

That’s great news for buyers. But if you’ve perused the listings for condos, you might find yourself wondering where those scores are. That’s because there are exceptions to mandated HES disclosure, and most condos fit into that category. And for very practical reasons. According to the City of Portland, condos and apartments that are stacked “cannot be scored at this time.” Therefore, sellers aren’t even able to opt into the program.

That doesn’t mean condos can’t be eco-friendly, though! For one thing, there is some evidence that condos are responsible for a lower amount of greenhouse gases – maybe because many of them are more friendly towards walking and public transportation. But if Home Energy Scores aren’t available, then, what to do if you would prefer a condo over a single family home, for the environmentally conscious consumer?

We recommend using online search tools to hone in on what you’re looking for. With a few words and a couple of clicks, we found the following amazingly eco-friendly condos currently for sale in Portland.

#1 – 1455 N Killingsworth St. #303


Let’s kick things off in a fantastic Northeast Portland neighborhood. This building sits literally across the street from the Max, and only a short distance from the action on Alberta or Mississippi Streets. But accessibility, while important, is only one part of the eco-friendly game here. This building uses solar power to heat the water. It features a built-in car charging station for all those (proud) electric car geeks out there. And on top of that, it boasts an ecoroof, which turns a traditional roof into a lush, green space that does wonders for greenhouse gas emissions in the city.

#2 – 1234 SW 18th Ave. #204

1234 SW 18TH AVE 204

Next up, let’s hop over to another in-demand neighborhood: Goose Hollow in Southwest. An ideal location for anyone who wants to be as walkable to the attractions of downtown – from the Art museum to restaurants to the farmer’s market – as they are to the greenery of Washington Park.

You can credit this building’s curved design, which naturally conforms to its position on the traffic circle, for its success. But don’t worry, that’s already been done for you by the American Institute of Architects. An award-winning building, it also features an ecoroof and is known in the industry for its energy efficient design. This is true city living at its best, with the industrialist interior making a striking contrast with the terrace, which overlooks the ecoroof’s green expanse.

#3 – 1441 SW Montgomery St. #6


For another fantastic Southwest Portland location, let’s take a quick step, hop, and a jump down across Highway 26. With this two-story condo, you won’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more recent builds when it comes to being environmentally friendly. But there are some real perks here. Not the least of which is a gas hookup, which you won’t find in many older condo buildings. Gas in generally more energy efficient than electric – and here you get both a gas stove and a fireplace! Add onto that a solar water heater and a small space for a garden. It might not be much – but who’s to stop you from growing your own tomatoes? Or, take a quick walk down to the farmer’s market to pick up some local produce.

#4 – 4329 SE Division St. Unit A


Southwest Portland isn’t the only place with environmentally conscious living available. Next, check out this complex along Division Street, which has to be one of the coolest, most eco-friendly spots in the city when it comes to condo living. This Richmond build boasts the following: ductless heat/AC, solar lighting, rainwater collection, bike storage, a community garden, and a walk score of 94.

Like the sound of that, but feel like the space is just a little too small for you? Check out this other listing from the same development, which is a full 1 bedroom with 2 bathrooms.

#5 – 4889 NE Going St.


Okay, remember when we said the last listing was one of the coolest, most eco-friendly spots in the city? Meet possibly the coolest. That is, for the eco-friendly fiends out there. This community – the Going Street Commons – is populated by Zero Energy Homes. According to the Zero Energy Project, that means they produce as much renewable energy as they consume within a calendar year. That makes the carbon footprint of your home negligible, not an easy thing to do.

How do they accomplish this, you might wonder? It’s a combination of materials – think super insulated – alongside solar energy, more efficient appliances and pumps, etc. Sound too good to be true? You better move fast, it’s the last unit available in this new development!

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