New and Improved Keyword Search to Find any Portland Home For Sale

We’ve always been pretty proud of our VestorFilters™ here at Portland Homes For Sale. They not only offer a ton of options to hone in your search, but also some specialized tools to help you find the right deal. We’ve highlighted many of these in the past, from the smart fixer list to the best-priced condo filter.

But there’s always room for improvement! And today we’re excited to announce a change to our Portland homes for sale website that will offer you even greater flexibility and specificity. In the past, the Custom Keyword Search was a part of the VestorFilter™ toolbar on the left side of the screen. No longer! Now, you can enter keywords into the same primary search box on the home page or at the top of the screen in search results.

How does this change things, you might be wondering? The biggest difference is that you can now use custom keywords in combination with the other VestorFilters™ in that left hand toolbar, or in combination with any other homes for sale filters you choose. So whereas before, the Custom Keyword Search was its own separate filter, now you can explore the other filters while maintaining your keyword search. So if you want to search for something specific – an amenity, a style type – but filter your search using the other tools – best price per square foot, best price per bedroom, etc. – we’ve got you covered!

Need some examples to see how this works in action? We’ve got ’em. Keep reading to check out five homes we found using five different keyword + VestorFilter™ searches. All of these are based on searches we’ve explored before – only now, we can get even more specific. So without further ado, let’s check out five examples of our new system’s versatility.

#1 – Best-Price Condo with a Pool: 4424 SW Dickinson St. #46


First up, a great example of how to use this new search system. Let’s say you’re looking for a condo with a pool, which we recently featured. But as we all know, HOA fees can become exorbitant – especially for properties that have extra amenities. And pools tend to be one of the most expensive things to maintain. So what to do if you’d like to live in a community with a pool, but want to avoid high HOA fees?

For this search, we used “pool” as a keyword in combination with the Best-Priced Condo VestorFilter™. This filter adds on five years of taxes and HOA fees in order to give you a more comprehensive idea of what you’re paying for a condo. And the winner is: this one bedroom Southwest condo, set in a peaceful, green area but just minutes from I-5 and downtown.

#2 – Foursquare with the Biggest Price Drop: 735 NE 29th Ave.

735 NE 29TH AVE

Next up let’s explore what we can find when it comes to home styles. We love Portland Foursquares, with their majestic facades and wide front porches. But because these homes are both large and so beautiful, they’re also very popular – and that can mean expensive!

That’s why, for this search, we combined our quest for Foursquares with the Biggest Price Drop Last 7 Days VestorFilter™. (Note that sometimes folks spell Foursquare differently, as “four square” or even 4square. Adjust your search accordingly.) And we came up with this lovely example in the highly desirable Laurelhurst neighborhood. And it’s seen a pretty substantial price drop – $126,000 on July 2nd, for a total of $200,000.

#3 – Home with Best Price Per Bedroom + Solar Panels: 15112 SE Woodward St.


Interested in buying a home with solar panels already installed, enough room for your household, but don’t want to break the bank? To find this charming ranch, we used the keyword “solar panels” in conjunction with the VestorFilter™ for best price per bedroom. This is an interesting filter – it doesn’t factor in square footage; rather, it helps you get an idea of how much you’re paying per bedroom. That’s ideal for anyone with a larger household (remember you can also specify the number of bedrooms you’re looking for) or anyone looking for a bonus office space, for example.

#4 – Best Price Per Square Foot Townhome – Also Eco-Friendly: 3502 NE Hancock St.


Recently, we featured condos with eco-friendly elements, whether that meant solar energy water heaters or energy efficient appliances. But what about price per square foot? This roomy townhome clocks in at $324 per square foot – not too shabby for a newer build with energy efficient features (Home Energy Score of 8)! And yet the style still includes Craftsman elements, making it a great blend of the old and the new. To find this one, we searched for “energy efficient” and sorted the results with the Best Price Per Square Foot VestorFilter™.

#5 – Best Price Per Acre Home with a Wide Porch: 8450 SE Harney St.


Finally, ever wanted a nice wide porch with a sprawling yard to go along with it? Now that we’re in the summer here in Portland, that sounds pretty good, right? We found this charming and well-kept home by searching for “porch” along with the VestorFilter™ for best price per acre. And what came up was a real gem – this home sits on half an acre, and comes with two smaller lots to boot. Imagine posting up on that front porch with a tall glass of lemonade in the afternoon!

Let’s Go Check Them Out Together

Now that we’ve walked you through some of the ways you can use our new and improved keyword search, feel free to play around with it yourself! You’ve come to the right place to find the top Portland homes for sale. And now we’ve made it even easier for you to find them! Whether you want an at-home workout space or somewhere to relax, we’ll help you get into the home of your dreams. Call us at 503-773-0000 to find out more or schedule a tour.