Know what Homes Sold in your Neighborhood

If you are a homeowner, we highly recommend creating a home search alert for sold homes in your area. Put in your zip code and click sold the last 12 months, then adjust the criteria to roughly bracket your home. We recommend putting homes within 500 sq. ft. plus or minus of your home, putting in a lot size bracket perhaps or a year built bracket, whatever best fits your neighborhood. Don’t put in a sales price, let the market suprise you.

The screen below will show you where to find the sold homes filter.

Screenshot of how to select this search

Since we are not sure where you live exactly, we’re going to take a quick look at ten homes that sold in the last year, showing you what kind of information you’ll be able to see.

We’ve arranged these from least to most expensive to highlight any differences between price brackets.

#1 – 12121 SE Brookside Dr.


This fixer upper ranch near up-and-coming Lents sold just a few days ago – April 1st – after only three weeks on the market. Likely it was a desirable grab for anyone looking for an investment property. The buyer did overbid by $10,000. That might not sound like too much, but it’s still a 3.6% increase over the list price.

#2 – 10833 NE Russell St.


This Parkrose Heights home sold in an incredible 11 days, making it the fastest selling property on our list (and therefore of the year). Small and modestly priced, this one comes with a pretty high Home Energy Score of 7 for being built in the 1950’s. That score likely made it more attractive for folks in the market for affordable housing. However, no bidding wars here – it sold for the list price in the last week of March 2021.

#3 – 7535 N Washburne Ave.


Tucked in the Kenton neighborhood near desirable St. John’s, this home made our Smart Fixer list. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that it sold quickly – for anyone with the funds, this one was an excellent opportunity. After only 17 days on the market, it sold at list price just a few days ago.

#4 – 6155 SE Henderson St.


Another Southeast property makes the list, this one hailing from Errol Heights. This home sold in just under three weeks at the end of March 2021. The buyer did bid over the list price by about $7,000. But that’s only 1.6% over the list price, which doesn’t suggest an extremely dramatic bidding war so much as a competitive market.

#5 – 15113 NW Sweetgale Ln.


Next we head out west to take a look at a home in Bethany, north of Beaverton, which sold in only three weeks on April 5, 2021. Now in this case, we do see hints of potentially multiple bids over the list price (there’s no way to know for sure). But the buyer paid $59,500 over the list price – and increase of 14.3%! Could be because the median list price for Beaverton right now is $550,000.

#6 – 15020 NW Olive St.


Now for another Northwest home, this one a two-story Tudor style. From here we’ll be moving into middle to upper price range. This home sold for $39,500 over the original list price on March 5, 2021. That’s an increase of 7.1% – also nothing to sneer at!

#7 – 4210 SE Reedway St.


This two-level Woodstock home sold on April 2nd after only 19 days on the market. The seller got $55,000 over the list price, a sizable increase of 10%. This home also made the Smart Fixer list – likely for some lighter needed improvements and updates.

#8 – 2825 SW 87th Ave.

2825 SW 87TH AVE

Another home near Beaverton – one high in demand. This home sold on April 2nd after just a little over two weeks on the market. And at $80,500 over the list price, which is an increase of 13.4%! So far Beaverton is leading the pack in terms of bidding wars.

#9 – 9222 SW Midea Ct.


And the trend continues with this beautiful Beaverton home, which sold at the end of March. And it’s easy to see why this one would drum up a lot of attention, set in a private cul-de-sac on beautiful grounds. This one sold for 13.7% over list price. The final bid came in $87,500 over.

#10 – 13313 S Iron Mountain Blvd.


Multi-million dollar luxury homes are more likely to stay on the market longer, simply because sellers are fishing in a smaller pool of prospective buyers. But this home sold after just over two weeks, at the original list price.

Let’s Go Check Them Out Together

The big takeaway here is twofold. First, homes at the median range are seeing the most competition, particularly in highly rated suburbs like Beaverton. Second, the homes on this list were all sold recently. So while we may see the market change considerably over the course of 2021, right now it remains a seller’s market.

And that’s why the best thing you can do to make sure you’re supported in your home search is to contact a trusted agent. Our team has the experience needed to get you in your dream home for a fair price! Call us at 503-773-0000 to find out more or schedule a tour.