5 Riverfront Condos for Sale in Portland

All Portlanders know that one of the city’s great appeals is its two rivers, the Columbia and the Willamette. We’re lucky to have access to such beautiful natural features, but the easiest access you can get is a daily view of them from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re interested in a river view, condos are a great place to start looking. Portland is home to plenty of quality, riverfront condo buildings at a variety of price points. In honor of Bridge City, here are five exciting properties that feature Portland’s gorgeous rivers. So kick back and imagine yourself watching the sunset from these homes.

Things to Consider When Searching for a Riverfront Condo

When looking for a condo of any kind, it’s always good to consider your own style. Do you prefer a large building or a smaller development? How important is outdoor access to you? If you’re specifically looking for one with a view, that consideration comes along with a few other factors.

Of course, one advantage of being in a building is the higher you go, the more expansive the view. Look for higher floors if you can, which will also keep you farther away from the noise. The best-designed buildings will afford views from multiple rooms, so keep an eye out for options that include a view from at least the living room and the bedroom. If having a patio is important to you, make sure it’s worth it. You’ll want the square footage to be functional, and while you should be able to enjoy your view of the river from it, a patio shouldn’t obstruct that view from the inside.

#1 – 1830 NW Riverscape St #805

Photo of 1830 NW Riverscape St condo building

Let’s get started with a bang. This luxury penthouse is located on the Willamette River, adjacent to the Pearl District, and it has all the details you’re looking for. Hardwood floors, a professional-class kitchen, and a soaking tub ensure comfort and ease of living.

This building’s smart design allows for unobstructed views of the Willamette as well as the Fremont Bridge from multiple rooms, including the master suite. A wraparound patio provides a private outdoor space from which to take in the view on a nice day. If the weather isn’t so friendly, floor to ceiling windows throughout guarantee enjoyment of the sights year round.

Interior view of Fremont Bridge with floor to ceiling windows

#2 – 3601 S River Parkway #1510

The John Ross Building

Built in 2006, the John Ross is a stunning, modern building bordering the OHSU campus and Elizabeth Caruthers park. With a farmer’s market, plenty of retail, and the South Waterfront at its fingertips, this location is the definition of livable.

The building’s curved exterior enhances this condo’s lovely view of the Willamette and Ross Island, which extend from the living room all the way to the bedroom via large windows. A small patio interrupts the open concept living room just enough to cordon off an area perfect for a home office or gym. The sight of the river stretching out below you could be a little extra motivation for getting that work or exercise in!

#3 – 710 NW Naito Parkway

Entrance to 710 SW Naito Parkway

It’s important to note that river view condos come in a range of prices in Portland. This little gem may not have the glitz and glam of some of the more luxurious listings, but it’s a well-lit, south-facing space with nice views and excellent river access.

Anyone who appreciates the gritty, industrial side of Portland will love the view of the Steel Bridge and the Oregon Convention Center’s dual spires beyond it. A sleek corner balcony gives access to outdoor enjoyment of the river, as does the fact that this south-facing property has direct access to the river walk. As a bonus, this two-level condo has no upstairs neighbor, meaning more privacy and quiet.

View of the Steel Bridge from corner patio

#4 – 905 N Harbour Dr. #26

905 N Harbour Dr. #26

The hustle and bustle of the west side of the Willamette isn’t for everyone. For those seeking a quieter environment with more space for their dollar, North Portland has a lot to offer.

With, count them, three patios, this condo offers plenty of outdoor space and unobstructed views of the Columbia River (and, from the third floor, Mt. Hood). Three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and patios on each of the three floors make this condo hard to beat when it comes to price per square foot. The building also houses a spacious pool, hot tub, and sauna. From this location, you can enjoy Hayden Island or easily hop out to the Gorge via the Lewis and Clark Highway.

Patio overlooking the Columbia River

#5 – 1075 NW Northrup St #2812

The Cosmopolitan at the Park

Why not finish with the creme de la creme? At 28 stories, this penthouse, located in the The Cosmopolitan on the Park, is one of the highest you can get in the city. Enjoy the Pearl District just at your feet, as well as the 250 degree view you’ll get from the penthouse’s many floor to ceiling windows. Nearly every room will present an unparalleled view, be it the Willamette, the Fremont Bridge, Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, or Mt. Adams.

Three balconies provide gorgeous outdoor space, or, if you’re feeling more like getting cozy, enjoy the view from either of two fireplaces. A home sauna and gym round out the expectation of luxury from this property, as does the inclusion of a beautiful soaking tub with a view of the river.

View from 1075 NW Northrup St #2812 with fireplace

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