5 Portland Multifamily Homes for Sale under 150K a Unit

Portland is a great city to live in because it has a thriving arts and culture scene, offers numerous activities for every type of person, and serves some of the world’s best cuisines. Locals can also experience all four seasons in Portland: a warm summer from July to September, chilly fall in October, cold winter from mid-November to mid-March, and refreshing spring in May.

Despite some the negative press surrounding Portland, Oregon lately, the city continues to grow and demand for places to own and rent remains strong.

Portland multi-family homes are a great investment opportunity. This article will present five multifamily homes for sale priced below $150,000 a unit in Portland. Anyone who’s planning to invest in the Portland real estate market should take note of these and check out our latest article on Portland’s New 2021 Rental Laws.

1.  118 NE 16TH AVE

The Couch Street Apartment at 118 NE 16th Avenue offers an incredible investment opportunity. This property is conveniently located near restaurants, gyms, tennis centers, spas, and schools.

2.  11535 SE BOISE ST

The property appears to have been added onto over the years, but a six plex for $700,000 is hard to beat.

3.  13017 SE DIVISION ST

This plex may have been listed in the MLS incorrectly as the description mentions 4 units, but the property is listed in the MLS as having 10 units. It is listed by JMA Properties, if interested recommend calling them for clarification.

This property showcases a modern and stylish interior and exterior design and uses simple yet very elegant lighting fixtures. Most of the amenities indoors are painted in neutral colors, allowing new homeowners to decorate the space in their preferred style.


Five units for 600,000 is pretty good. Also the fact the units are all single level helps with your tenant pool.

5.  11805 SE PINE ST

This multifamily home is listed in the MLS as having three units, but the description only mentions two. So you’ll have to check with the listing agent, but even if the property is a duplex and not a triplex, it is still a pretty good price at 399,000 for the year built, 2005.

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