5 Portland Mansions for Sale with a Mt Hood View

There’s no doubt that Portland has some of the most beautiful homes in the region, but you probably didn’t think they would offer amazing views too. That’s right, in this blog post, we explore five gorgeous homes that provide magnificent views of Mount Hood, where the whole family can enjoy a nice afternoon inside your dream home. We found these Portland mansions for sale by upping the price tag and adding a custom keyword in the advanced search bar on this website.

Before we dive in, you may also be interested in homes at the more affordable end of the spectrum. Lucky for you, we’ve already compiled that list in our previous post, 5 Portland Homes for Sale on the Market Longer than 120 Days. The homes listed here are such a steal, it’s an opportunity not to pass up!

5 Mansions for Sale in Portland with a Mt Hood View

#1 12716 S Edgecliff Rd

You won’t find a better Tudor house that offers stunning views of Mount Hood than this. It features a master bathroom and a brand new gourmet kitchen, so feel free to unleash your inner foodie in this home. The large family room is sure to provide enough space for get-togethers, family reunions, and movie nights with the whole family.

#2 2811 NW Westover Rd 

This pristine home from 1913 gives you the rare combination of a classic, traditional style and the convenience of city living. The area is well-located and provides views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, and Mount St. Helens. The two decks will also have enough room for everyone to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset day after day.

#3 404 SW Edgecliff Rd

This private, 2.46-acre property not only offers stunning views of Mt Hood and the Willamette River, but it’s also located close to Riverdales and Clackamas County Schools. This remodeled home includes state-of-the-art systems such as geothermal heating and cooling. You’ll also find a spacious kitchen equipped with high-end appliances, gorgeous grounds with themed gardens, as well as a covered outdoor patio with a fire pit.

#4 1495 SW Clifton St

We won’t lie — this is one of the most gorgeous, premium homes you can own in Portland right now. Almost all of the house’s surfaces have been updated, making it even more desirable for potential buyers. Moreover, its large yard, charming rose garden setting, and panoramic views of Mount Hood provide so much value for money — it won’t be a house you’ll see again soon.

#5 2624 SW Talbot Rd.

Skillfully designed by master architect, Jamieson Parker, this polished home has been through a meticulous remodeling where high-tech features and upscale finishes were added. Situated in a private lot, you’ll get excellent views of Mount Hood as well as a lot of natural light. This makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, while only being a few steps away from parks, restaurants, hiking trails, and the city of Portland.

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