5 Portland Homes for Sale With Excellent Workout Gyms Inside

Staying in shape can always be a challenge. Even if the motivation is there, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym, particularly when you have a busy schedule. Fortunately, you can bring the gym to you instead. Building a workout space at home can not only save you time and energy, but it can allow you to focus on the exercises that work best for you.

So, with that in mind, here are the top 5 Portland homes for sale with excellent workout gyms inside.

#1 – 3909 N Overlook Terrace

Kicking us off is this mid-century ranch-style home. Although the furnishings and appliances are modern, the place still maintains a 50’s vibe, thanks to its swanky design elements and color scheme. Being on Overlook Terrace, this house has incredible views out the back, which you can enjoy from the wraparound deck.

This is a two-story house, as the bottom floor sinks below the main entrance. Here is where you’ll find your workout gym, complete with plenty of mirrors so you can be sure to flex the right muscles during your set. Other highlights of this home include an entertainment room, gorgeous yard elements, and plenty of natural light throughout.

#2 – 2936 NW Savier St

At three stories, this house is both imposing yet welcoming. Its size makes a grand statement, but the familiarity of the interior makes it feel more like a home.

This property has a dedicated gym space on the lower level, complete with a mounted TV and mirrored closets to help you get the most out of your workouts. The house also has a spacious back and side yard, so feel free to do some wind sprints on the grass when the weather gets warmer.

Other highlights of this home include a top-level terrace, offering gorgeous views of the city, high ceilings inside to help you feel more free and relaxed, and elegant modern fixtures and appliances throughout.

#3 – 1856 SW Edgewood Rd

If you want to live nestled in the forest, this is an excellent home for you. Surrounded by trees on all sides, it feels like your own private sanctuary. As you can see, it has an oversized wooden deck, which offers stunning views of Mount Hood on a clear day. This is also an eco-friendly home, as it ranks a 7 out of 10 on the energy efficiency scale.

Inside, the house has a modern yet mid-century vibe, with lots of straight lines, wood finishes, and neutral colors. The gym is on the lower level, and it comes with a concrete shelf to store all of your equipment when not in use. In fact, the whole floor is concrete to make it easier to use workout mats and to stay cool while exercising.

#4 – 9045 NW Murdock St

Looking at this home, you would think that you were transported to a magical land. The masonry accents and stone walkways make this place feel like it belongs in a storybook. Inside, it gets even better with a mix of traditional and modern elements. The media rooms are warm and cozy, while the bedrooms and kitchen are sleek and stylish. With three floors of outdoor decks, you can pick any spot to watch the sunset.

This home has a dedicated gym area, complete with a separate steam room so you can relax after an intense workout. There is more than enough space for machines, weights, and mats, so you can even exercise with a buddy or two if necessary. The back driveway is also big enough for a basketball court, just in case you want to get some fresh air.

#5 – 5420 SW Westwood VW

Rounding out our list is this Spanish-style villa. With stucco siding, red clay roof tiles, and plenty of European-inspired design elements, you’ll swear that you’re living on the Riviera or some lavish estate. The home blends a variety of color schemes and styles, all of them with a vintage, timeless panache. One of the main highlights is the antique wine cellar, which makes you feel like you’re a debonnair playboy.

When it comes to working out, this house has a very modern-looking gym. As you can see below, it is nothing but white walls, giant mirrors, and a mounted TV so that you can watch your favorite movie or show while exercising. Everything else about this place feels both fresh and vintage, giving it a unique atmosphere that is rarely present in Portland real estate.

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