5 Portland Condos for Sale with HOA Fees Under $200!

Let’s face it, HOA fees can feel extremely stressful! When you enter into a contract with a Homeowners Association, it’s a complicated affair. And not all HOAs are created equal. In some agreements, your fees cover everything you could possibly imagine about exterior home upkeep. Others only cover the cost of running the association. And everything in between! The same goes for rules and regulations – some HOAs severely restrict what individual owners can and can’t do with their property, whereas others don’t.

So how do you figure out if a particular HOA is a good fit for you? Well, like we said, it’s complicated. But the cardinal rule is to secure a buyer’s agent that has extensive experience with condos. Why? Because they’ve read a million bylaws in the past (okay, maybe not a million, but certainly more than you have). They can help you suss out what an association covers, what it doesn’t, and generally help you navigate the process of buying a condo in a way that protects you.

But what about your online home browsing? One way to figure out how much you’re comfortable paying in HOA fees is to use our search capabilities. If you select the HOA Monthly filter using the filters menu at the far right of the top bar on portlandhomesforsale.com, you’ll be able to choose from a range of HOA fees. Perusing the listings of a particular range will give you an idea of what’s out there.

That’s why today we’ve gathered up five condos/townhomes that offer HOA fees of under $200. How do they keep these fees so low? For one thing, you won’t find elaborate amenities like pools or gyms, which cost money to maintain. They might also, as discussed above, cover as much exterior maintenance. But if you feel uncomfortable paying more for these things, these listings might be the right fit for you!

#1 – 9746 SW 34th Pl. #7

9746 SW 34TH PL 7

Feel like owning a home close to Multnomah Village, one of Portland’s most charming hamlets? Here’s your chance. And you’ve got plenty of storage space in this one, including a huge garage. Inside, dark bamboo flooring surrounds the fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere coupled with openness. Lots of windows mean good light as well, and you’re sure to enjoy the views of the trees from nearly every room.

#2 – 3317 SE 122nd Ave. #3

3317 SE 122ND AVE 3

Prefer being on the other side of the river? This Southeast Portland home might fit the bill. A great opportunity, especially for first time homebuyers, this condo includes two stories in a corner unit with no upstairs neighbors. The HOA fee on this one is quite low, but you’re also looking at a low square footage, so it’s not necessarily inappropriate. This condo has had only one owner previously, and that owner maintained the interior well, which is also a good sign. This one likely won’t last long!

#3 – 1242 N Morgan St.


Now for a more modern design. This “row home” – which you can consider a type of townhouse – favors minimalism on its exterior. Inside, that minimalist design continues. Enjoy the lovely wood accents and clean lines.

And the rest of the home is forward thinking as well. Energy efficient, this one comes with a perfect Home Energy Score of 10. Since this is closer to a townhouse than a condo, you’re likely to be paying more of the upkeep. But you’ll be saving money on energy bills!

#4 – 5961 SW 30th Ave.

5961 SW 30th

Speaking of modern, next let’s check out this contemporary brand new build! Imagine yourself the first owner of this gorgeous unit. This one certainly announces itself as more a luxury home, with its huge kitchen island and sleek finishes. Or, check out the bathroom: dual sinks and a beautifully tiled step in shower. You’ve got plenty of room here: a walk in closet in the primary suite, a two car garage, a mezzanine – you name it and you’re covered.

#5 – 836 NE Holman St.


Finally, let’s take a good look at this beautiful townhome, whose design follows a more classic aesthetic. You’ve got lovely Craftsman details here, and this one easily looks like a single family home while offering more dense housing in a growing city. Several interior features are sure to delight, from the fireplace to the gas range. But a real gain here? The backyard. You’ll have your own dedicated outdoor space complete with mature landscaping and vegetable gardens. A little private paradise!

Let’s Go Check Them Out Together

A big takeaway from finding these condos and townhomes? There’s a lot of variety out there when it comes to low HOA fees. Sometimes it means the owner is responsible for more of the upkeep. Other times you could just be looking at a good starter home with low fees given the square footage. You can hone in on what your personal goal is by applying more filters to suit your specific search.

If you’re ready to find the top Portland homes for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re buying for the first time or looking to make your next move, we’ll help you get into the home of your dreams! Call us at 503-773-0000 to find out more or schedule a tour.