5 Penthouses That Prove Condos Have Character

As we recently pointed out, condos in Portland come in a shapes and sizes. In this city that loves to keep it weird, many types of condos make their mark. We’re talking anything from small, boutique condo buildings to industrial-themed behemoths to glass-walled skyscrapers with sweeping views.

Speaking of views! Today let’s take a look at that crown jewel of the condo world: the penthouse. When you see a condo labeled as a penthouse, you should expect that it occupies the top floor of the building. That’s the most basic definition. Along with that, though, you might also see some extra perks thrown in (depending on the building). More square footage, higher ceilings, or outdoor space, for example. The term penthouse derives from an Old French word meaning “appendage.” Basically, in its oldest form, a penthouse was more of a house than an apartment, one added on to a building with more standard apartments or condos below it. In architecture, penthouses are often set back from the outer walls of the building, creating an oasis-like atmosphere.

Starting to sound pretty high end, right? Sometimes that is the case, yes. But the condo market in Portland is still an extremely affordable choice overall, so if you’re looking for a more reasonably priced home, not to worry. Plenty of smaller buildings offer top floor accommodations. You will pay more for them than you would for other units. But our point is: there’s a lot out there.

Our list today includes a wide range of prices – and a wide range of styles as well. To find them, we performed a Custom Keyword Search for “penthouses” in the condo/townhouse section on this website. Let’s take a dive and see what the condo market in Portland is offering up today!

#1 – 710 NW 13th Ave. PH-2

710 NW 13TH AVE PH-2

Let’s kick things off with one of the best buildings in Portland, the Crane building. You can see from the above photo that this one exemplifies the original meaning of “penthouse.” Set back from the walls of the building, this one truly feels like a separate house added to the roof. Greenery and plenty of open space surround the home.

Inside, the character continues to blossom. African Mahogany woodwork abounds, combining earth tones and textures with clean architectural lines. Don’t miss the focal point of the living area: the huge fireplace.

#2 – 937 NW Glisan St. #1436

937 NW GLISAN ST 1436

Okay, not everyone has millions of dollars to spend on a new home, though. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a penthouse! Next up, we’ll stay in the Pearl District, but at a more attainable price point. From this 14th floor condo, you’ll be able to see the city as well as Mt. Hood on a clear day. And what better place to take in the views than from this penthouse’s sleek, modern balcony? Bright red and translucent, coffee on the balcony here will make you feel like you stepped into a miniature version of the Pompidou Center in Paris. How’s that for style?

#3 – 1030 NW 12th Ave. #507

1030 NW 12th Ave. #507

Speaking of style, our next stop is one of the most recognized buildings in all of Portland. The Street Car Lofts were constructed to evoke the feel of historic Soho lofts. This makes an ideal choice for those who love the city and all things industrial. The walls and floor are entirely made up of poured and polished concrete, and industrial details pepper the home. This condo does feel like a house of its own; two floors mean good separation of space. And two patios (with French doors) mean plenty of access to the outdoors.

#4 – 325 NE Graham St. #9


This next listing is not only affordable, it’s charming as all get out. This colorful building wouldn’t be amiss on the streets of New Orleans. A newer construction, but one that eschews minimalism in favor of flavor. This penthouse isn’t recessed from the outer walls the way some of your higher end luxury condos are, but it is a light-filled corner unit. And the second level will still have you feeling luxurious: you’ve got a primary suite with huge walk in closet, a large bonus space, and access to not one but two decks on either side of the home. Imagine coffee in the morning just outside your bedroom, then dinner later on the main deck.

#5 – 3601 S River Parkway #3101

3601 S RIVER PKWY 3101

Reader, hear us out. We’re aware many of you aren’t in the market for a home this expensive. Because there’s no beating around the bush about that price! But what’s the harm in looking? Because what we’re looking at is perhaps the most luxurious condo for sale in all of Portland right now. And you get what you pay for in terms of character here: rounded walls with floor to ceiling windows and 360 degree views of the city, the mountains, and the surrounding hills. While you’re perusing, don’t miss the to-die-for patterned wallpapers that accent the walls throughout this gem.

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