5 Modern Homes for Sale that Show Portland’s Real Estate Diversity

The future of Portland’s housing supply is sure to bring us some surprises. But one thing we know: we’re going to see more dense housing. Think building up rather than building out; think more ADUs. But that doesn’t mean that single family housing has died. Plenty of new construction homes are coming up in Portland as single family, detached housing. And they come in a wide variety of styles!

Today, for those lovers of modern design, we’ll take a look at 10 homes featuring a sleek, clean, and contemporary style. But that’s not all. We also were curious about what listings we could find that also offered a good price per square acre. Many of these homes still go with the rule of building up, rather than the building out style of, say, ranch style homes. And some don’t… the range might surprise you.

To find these listings, we searched for new builds (2020 and on) and applied the VestorFilter™ for best price per acre. Additionally, we applied a keyword search for “contemporary” or “modern.” The combination brought us to a wide variety of homes in the Portland area. Without further ado, then, let’s check out five contemporary homes for sale in Portland now – all at great prices per square acre!

#1 – 5011 SE Steele St.


First up, who does sleek, minimalist design better than Scandinavia? This is a gorgeous, on of a kind “Scandinavian farmhouse” just across the street from Woodstock Park. Take a gander at the details on this one: wooden accents amid a clean black and white aesthetic. The home’s facade truly prepares you for what comes inside – a polished, light-filled interior that combines rustic with chic. Downstairs, enjoy floor to ceiling windows, including French doors opening out onto a patio. Upstairs? A vaulted ceiling in the primary suite also ensures plenty of light.

#2 – 5890 SW Salmon St.


Next, let’s check out a quiet corner of Southwest past the Portland Zoo. This one is a pre-sale opportunity – meaning, you can select your own finishes on this brand new build. This is also a “farmhouse” style – note the barn-like touches on the garage doors, for example. But inside, you’ll find minimalism is the name of the game with clean lines. Speaking of, don’t forget to check out the huge kitchen island! A bonus: the primary suite is located on the ground floor, which makes this home a fantastic long term investment. Whether you plan to stay and age in place or sell to someone who intends to do so, you’re set.

#3 – 7916 SE Raymond St.


To depart from the farmhouse aesthetic, let’s check out a fine example of a home that builds up rather than out. You might recognize this roof type, with it’s sharp angle that unconventionally doesn’t meet up with its companion side (the way that a traditional gabled roof would). That’s called a skillion roof – and it serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Aesthetically, you’re looking at a sharp line and a breaking from tradition – making it “modern” or “contemporary.” Functionally, this type of roof is generally considered to be more economical to install. So you’re getting some bang for your buck!

This home also makes an excellent investment opportunity, especially considering that it comes with a fully equipped ADU on the lower level .

#4 – 2126 SE 30th Ave. B

2126 SE 30TH AVE B

Location, location, location – it applies here! Looking to live in a hot spot? This home is situated between the busiest strips on Hawthorne and Division. While this home is on the smaller side, it makes the most of its space. Take, for example, the cool little desk nook that looks out onto the yard. What a peaceful spot to sit and work, read, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

#5 – 2829 SW Montgomery Dr.

Finally, let’s check in on another modern farmhouse style home. For single family, detached homes with modern design, this appears to be a trend right now. It’s a nod to an older, nostalgic aesthetic coupled with the cleanness of a modern twist. Remember the crossed beams that made listing #2 barn-like? Here you’ll find that several places, anywhere from the front door to the ends of the kitchen island. But that doesn’t mean rustic rules in this home. To wit, check out the fashionable and geometric lighting! The devil (or angel) is in the details here. Take the gas fireplace, for example, which features beautiful geometric tile floor to ceiling to match the lighting.

Let’s Go Check Them Out Together

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