5 Fixer Homes for Sale in Portland Under 300K

Buying a fixer upper home in Portland isn’t just for aspiring real estate investors or house-flippers. Even those who want to buy their first house can look into fixer upper homes — provided they have the budget for it. Some may think that a fixer upper home would cost more considering the changes that need to be done, but it’s actually an investment that would pay off in the long run.

Luckily, there are many fixer-upper homes for sale around Portland that are just under 300K. One way to check for affordable fixer upper homes is to check foreclosures. Learn some insider tips from our 3 Ways to Find Portland Foreclosures for Sale, which could come in handy during your search.

To look for all fixer home opportunities for sale in Portland use our smart fixer list. It runs multiple smart filters on every home for sale in Portland to help determine investment opportunities.

Here are five fixer upper homes under 300K for sale that you should check out now in Portland:

5 Fixer Homes for Sale in Portland Under 300K

1. 7406 SE 87th Ave.

This fixer upper can work as a great starter home. There’s an abundance of natural light coming into the house, making it a bright, homely area. With an easy-to-spot location, a garage, and a fenced-in perimeter, there’s a lot of room for changes that can turn it into a dream family home.

2. 16830 SE Clinton St.

This fixer upper might look small from the front, but remember that great things come in small packages. There’s actually a lot of room for a garden or vegetable patch at the front, as well as a shed and playground at the back.

3. 65 NE Lombard St.

A fireplace, flowing living and dining rooms, and spacious bedrooms made of original hardwoods make this fixer upper worth the renovation. It has all the trappings of a charming, old-world American home that simply needs some modern TLC. The attic can also be transformed into a room, making this fixer upper a real steal.

4. 6029 SE 85th Ave.

Roomy and ready for a refreshing renovation — this is exactly what this fixer upper home is! This one-bedroom wonder has a lot of space for the essentials and more. It even has a spot for a fireplace where you can keep warm and toasty during the cold season. The kitchen, too, has its own island that can double as a dining table with some bar stools.

5. 6507 NE Going St.

Cozy and homey, this Cully neighborhood Portland fixer upper sits on a 10,000-square-foot lot that can easily accommodate some of the major upgrades and additions you might have in mind. Essential fixtures are already installed in the house, but there’s definitely tons of space around to allow your imagination — and design plans — to run wild!

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