5 Best Priced Condos with Multi-Car Garages

Today let’s talk about two preconceived notions many buyers have about condos. First, that HOA fees are always a hidden cost that decrease a condo’s value in terms of what you’ll pay in the long run. HOA fees are certainly something to take into consideration, which is why we have a Vestor Filter™ to address that. When searching specifically for condos, you have the option of filtering your results by selecting “Best Priced Condo” on the left side of your screen. This Vestor Filter™ adds 5 years of HOA fees and property taxes to the price tag, then sorts all the results by that number. This provides increased transparency for the condo buyer, so you can truly search for a best priced condo, easily see what condo costs more to own than another.

Second, that all condos are teeny little boxes designed only for folks who want to live in the big city and never have to drive anywhere. Condos come in many shapes and sizes! And you might be surprised how many have more space than you’d think for a household with more than one car. Or a household that is in the market for a little extra storage room for those hobbies (kayak, anyone?). For this list, we searched for condos that are over 1,500 square feet and also have a multi-car garage.

If you perform this kind of search yourself, you might be surprised how many options are out there! But for now, let’s check out five of our current favorites.

#1 – 3319 SE 143rd Ave.

3319 SE 143RD AVE

Let’s start out in outer Southeast Portland, just steps away from Powell Butte’s lovely portrait of the Pacific Northwest’s natural world. This detached condo features some really special and carefully considered touches. Whether it’s the beautiful backplash wrapping around through the kitchen or the corner fireplace, the details here make this a covetable home.

A large garage plus partially covered driveway allow plenty of space for your hobbies. And with HOA fees at only $170/mo, this property is one of our best deals! The adjusted price – post-filter – is $362k.

#2 – 14547 NE Stanton Ct.


Let’s move on to a quiet condo in Northeast Portland. A spacious 2 car garage provides a buffer and a little privacy. Walk just beyond it and you’ll find a lovely, open concept home tucked away behind a courtyard. You’ll find lot of natural light for such a nook, plus views of the lawns to keep you in touch with the greenery. With 5 years of taxes and HOA fees added, the price for this lovely home is only 366.6k.

#3 – 2610 S Water Ave.


Prefer to be more in the thick of it? Now we’ll move on to some real city dwelling. Tucked near the intersection of I-5 and I-405, steps from OHSU, this townhouse style condo gives great access to any travel. Walk to restaurants and the PSU farmer’s market, or hop on the interstate and get out of town.

Inside you’ll find hardwood floors, a cozy fireplace, and a terrace for a little outdoor gardening (or just enjoy the fresh air). A private elevator makes this a fantastic find for anyone seeking the advantages of multi-story living in the city without the burden of stairs. That washer/dryer and high end kitchen appliances are included is an added bonus when considering long term costs. The adjusted price for this home is $587.3k.

#4 – 905 N Harbour Dr. #20

We like to offer you variety when it comes to your home search. So, now for something completely different! This condo sits aside the Columbia River, taking you all the way up North, just short of crossing the river to Hayden Island. Yes, you’ll be a little further from the city action, but what do you get in return? Let’s see… views of Mt. Hood from three stories (not to mention the river), access to boating and golf courses, complex facilities such as a Jacuzzi and sauna.

That’s just a start! 2 car parking is included in the HOA fee. Overall, the 5 year cost of this home is $622.2k.

#5 – 836 S Curry St. #508

836 S Curry St. #508

And finally, let’s throw in one swanky big building condo for good measure. This one is hands down the most luxury of the offerings we’ve shown today – and yet still under seven figures by a considerable amount. Towering over the Willamette River, this building affords beautiful views of the Ross Island Bridge from its huge windows. Inside, you’ll find sleek and elegant design, including modern appliances such as a gas stove. The space was specifically designed to maintain privacy between the two bedrooms, making the second bedroom an excellent space for guests.

For living in the South Waterfront, this condo shows off some excellent value! The adjusted 5 year price (again, after HOA fees and taxes) comes to $840.8k.

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For example, we put this list together by searching for townhomes/condos that are at least 1,500 square feet and have at least a 2 car garage. Customize your search to get your ideas flowing! And when you’re ready (or even if you aren’t), call us at 503-773-0000 to find out more or schedule a tour.