5 Best Priced Condos for Sale in Portland Now

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: you see a great condo, and find the price enticingly low. But then you realize that hidden costs such as HOA fees still drive the estimated monthly payment up more than you’d like or can afford.

When it comes to looking for a fairly priced condo, the sales price doesn’t say everything. It doesn’t say enough. You also have to factor in property taxes, insurance, and HOA fees (which can be high depending on the property and how much maintenance it requires). You’re in luck though – we have a Vestor Filter™ for that. If you specify Condo/Townhomes, you’ll find a new item on the list of Vestor Filters™ on the left: Best Priced Condo.

screenshot of selecting condos/townhomes, and best priced condo

What does that mean, and how does it differ from price per square foot? This particular filter adds 5 years worth of projected HOA fees and 5 years of projected taxes to the total price, giving the buyer a better glimpse of what the long term costs of the condo will be. On each listing that comes up in your search, you’ll see the list price. But you’ll also be given an estimate, highlighted in green, what that condo will cost you over the course of five years.

And isn’t one of the great benefits of a condo that you know there won’t be any huge, surprise costs that the HOA won’t cover? At least that is how it is supposed to work. Now we’ve made it even simpler for you to understand exactly what it is you’re paying for. Now let’s check out five of the best priced condos for sale in Portland right now.

#1 – 2700 SE 138th Ave. #7

2700 SE 138TH AVE #7

Let’s start out with the only home on our list today to have more than one bedroom! This two bedroom in outer Southeast Portland comes in at a low initial price point, yes. But the added costs on this one don’t outweigh that. On the ground floor, this condo gives you plenty of access to communal outdoor space. The complex also hosts a pool, club house, and a rec room.

#2 – 1829 NW Lovejoy St. #410

1829 NW LOVEJOY ST 410

Okay, there’s no getting around that this is a small space. But this space also retains a ton of charm and would make a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to live the minimalist life in the heart of downtown. The historic homes of Nob Hill are only steps away from this building’s early 20th century charm. A balcony means this space, while not the biggest, still gives access to the outdoors as well. And the age of the building doesn’t reflect the age of the appliances and fixtures within. You’ll find plenty of updates, including a beautifully tiled shower.

Space too small for you? Always an option to purchase and rent it out: cover the mortgage plus some! The HOA fees for this condo sit at $239 – and that includes trash, water, and cable/internet.

#3 – 7726 SW Barnes Rd. #B

7726 SW Barnes Rd.

And now for a little trip to Southwest Portland, to a quiet complex just a short hop from Washington Park and the Portland Japanese Garden. And fittingly, this studio features a park-like setting, with plenty of mature greenery setting the mood. The HOA fees here sit at only $214. That’s not too shabby for a complex that also offers a carport, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. A big part of the purpose of owning a condo is investing in amenities you’d otherwise not be able to afford or wouldn’t want to maintain. This condo makes access to those amenities possible, but with a very reasonable price tag.

#4 – 12048 N Jantzen Beach Ave.


Here’s something completely different – let’s check out a condo in Jantzen Beach. On Hayden Island, which sits in the Columbia just south of the Washington-Oregon border, you’ll find a little beach community. Sound intriguing?

Come check out this 1 bedroom apartment (not a studio!) that boasts huge built in closets for plenty of storage. You’ll keep all the appliances, and the HOA fee comes in at a shockingly low $190 a month.

#5 – 20 NW 16th Ave. #405

20 NW 16TH AVE 405

Before we sign off, let’s take a look at one more condo in Northwest Portland. The Empress is a historic building right in the thick of things (just blocks from Powell’s Books, to name one of said things). This particular unit is located on the top floor, with a view of the city around. The interior has been meticulously updated, including a new washer and dryer. But this studio still retains its old school charm, particularly in the bathroom where you’ll find a soaking tub and tile floors.

Let’s Go Check Them Out Together

If you’re ready to find the top Portland homes for sale, you’ve come to the right place. With the condo market as cool as it is right now, this is a great time to check out condos using our Vestor Filters™. A lot of the value we found here today was in studio apartments – but that’s not all that’s out there! If you’re looking for more bedrooms, you can always overlay that search with the search for best priced condos we outlined above.

One of the great things about the Best Priced Condo filter is that it gives you a projection for five years. Especially if you’d consider selling after five years, this filter gives you needed info for how much you’re actually investing. And if and when you’re ready to sell, you could even turn a big profit!

Whether you want a compact studio or a multiple bedroom condo, we’re here to help you get into the home of your dreams! Call us at 503-773-0000 to find out more or schedule a tour.