5 Amazing Portland Foursquare Homes for Sale Now

The Foursquare: it’s a classic and a distinctly American style of home. Popularized beginning at the turn of the century, the Foursquare was a reaction against the ornate styles of the Victorian era. Instead, Foursquares prize clean, elegant lines and a simple but functional layout. Defining characteristics include a square, boxy shape (hence the name), a wide front porch, and dormer windows on the top floor (of 3 floors total, usually). You can read more here about the Foursquare’s history, characteristics, and prevalence in Portland.

Speaking of, let’s talk Foursquares in Portland. Chances are you’ve seen them, even if you didn’t know that’s what they were. Most will date from the early 1900’s. Quietly majestic, they’re seeing a revival in recent years as folks update them with all the modern bells and whistles. So now might be your chance to own a Portland Foursquare, while there are still some left on the market! Let’s check out five of these beautiful homes that are available now.

#1 – 301 NE Ivy St.

301 NE Ivy St.

Let’s jump in with this fine example of a Portland Foursquare near the North Williams corridor. Note the 2.5 floors, with the dormer window poking through on the top floor. This is a pretty classic example to get us started, with its clean horizontal lines. The wide porch with square columns is also typical, as is having the door placement as the only asymmetrical element. The only deviation here here? That bay window counts as an embellishment. But who’s going to complain about a bay window?

The home’s interior won’t disappoint either. The previous owners recently renovated the home, and it shows. Don’t miss the fantastic kitchen with new cabinetry, and lovely kitchen island, and a high-end gas stove. Or, choose to spend some time outside. There’s always that cozy porch, of course, by this property also comes with a large yard in back ready for your personal touches.

#2 – 2461 NE 60th Ave.

2461 NE 60TH AVE

Next, we have this historic 1912 home, just a few blocks from Rose City Park. This house hits the market for the first time in 30 years – so it likely won’t come around again soon! As you can see, this build shares many similarities with the last home. One difference, though, is the Craftsman details, particularly the exposed rafter tails. You can see these on the eaves; they add a little visual interest. The Arts & Crafts Movement, which produced the Craftsman style, also gained popularity at the same time as the Fourquare style. So sometimes you’ll notice little embellishments like that where the two styles cross over. In fact, you’ll often find listings categorizing Foursquares as Craftsmans.

The home’s interior also boasts some classic period elements, especially when it comes to woodwork. Deep, rich wainscotting and casing accentuate the rooms’ history. And you’ll love the gorgeous built-ins. Be sure to take a look at the dining room’s built-ins with decorative glass. Not everything dates to 1912 though – and addition on the back side of the house includes a spacious garage.

#3 – 6023 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.


Now for a twist. This Eastmoreland home won’t get you on the historic register – because it’s a new build from 2016! An unusual find, this makes a great option for buyers who are interested in the look of the Foursquare but prefer the comfort of knowing the house was built more recently. But there’s no denying the Foursquare roots of this design. By now, you’ve likely picked up on the patterns and overall look, so you can see them reflected here. The one deviation is that there’s no raised porch, and that the door placement is centered. Otherwise though, this one looks like Foursquare material to us!

Don’t be fooled, though, the inside of this one certainly skews more modern. The beautiful, gourmet kitchen opens out onto and open-concept living area complete with cozy fireplace. Upstairs, you’ll find an enormous and very tempting soaking tub in the master bathroom. The yard brings its A game as well, with a patio large enough for an outdoor dining area and thoughtful landscaping.

#4 – 1806 NW Marshall St.


This Alphabet District home presents an excellent opportunity to own property in a highly desirable part of Northwest Portland – between Nob Hill and the Pearl. You don’t see too many single family homes for sale in this area, and this one definitely fits the Foursquare bill. The current owners used this home as a rental property, and it brought in over $3,000 a month – not too shabby! It’s up to you what to do; the vaulted ceilings and lovingly detailed windows make the house feel like a pretty good spot for a home as well.

#5 – 2605 SE 23rd Ave.

2605 SE 23RD AVE

Speaking of renting, today we’ll finish out with a fantastic investment opportunity just off of Division Street in inner Southeast Portland. This home, as you can see, certainly looks the part of Foursquare. But it’s actually a duplex, and a beautiful one. Lots of opportunity here – you can live in one side and rent the other, or turn it into a short term rental.

Inside, notice the period woodwork and vaulted ceilings. Lovely built-ins will have you feeling like you’re in turn of the century Portland. The outdoor space is modest but full of potential, including existing raised garden beds.

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