10 Homes for Sale in Portland with Separate Living Quarters

Long gone are the days when homes with separate living quarters were just for a family with an au pair. These days having a separate living space is becoming more and more desirable. They’re a great way for a homeowner to gain a little income or house a family member. You can see the diversity of uses reflected in the countless different names people give these: basement apartment, guest house, garden cottage, mother-in-law suite, and of course, accessory dwelling unit or ADU.

Portland has long been on the forefront of the popularization of ADUs. We’ve historically been policy-friendly towards them (many cities aren’t), and that trend seems bound to continue. In August of last year, after much debate, Portland finally passed the Residential Infill Project. This project will affect housing in many ways, but one big thing it does is allow two ADUs on a property rather than just one. So, ADUs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But not everyone wants to go through the trouble of permitting and building one themselves. If you’re interested in something like an ADU, check out these ten Portland homes with separate living quarters ready-made for you!

#1 – 2796 SW Montgomery Dr.

Let’s get started with a stunning and lovingly restored bungalow in Portland Heights. This remodel maintains the original charm of the 1910 home, but compliments them with beautiful modern finishes. Delightful details such as the upper level deck with a view make this a must see. The ADU is on the basement level.

#2 – 5426 NE 26th Ave. A

Like the idea of the last listing, but looking for something with a little edge to its style? This new build, with its striking black and white color scheme and clean wood accents, might be the one for you. Luxury touches like the elegant gas fireplace and huge master shower will keep you in comfort. The lower level ADU is a great for anyone looking to rent in this fashionable Northeast Portland.

#3 – 4505 NE GRAND AVE

This meticulously maintained home puts you right at the center of the action in Alberta. The inside is full of the original craftsman charm, plus shining hardwood floors, an inviting fireplace, and state of the art kitchen appliances. The ADU was a build out on the basement, and leaves plenty of room for a comfortable living space.

#4 – 2323 NW Hoyt St.

Is Northwest calling your name? This gorgeous Victorian is right in the heart of the romantic Alphabet District. Picture yourself enjoying the neighborhood’s numerous quaint shops, excellent dining, and historic homes – including the one you own. This home features a lower level apartment with all the amenities needed for comfortable separate living quarters.

#5 – 4002 SE Gladstone St.

One great thing about the ubiquity of ADUs in Portland is that you don’t necessarily need a million bucks to afford one. And this moderately-priced bungalow doesn’t sacrifice comfort or location, either! With an enticing fireplace and a huge yard with a deck, this home is meant to be lived in. Shopping and dining options are easily within reach as well. A permitted ADU is ready to go in the basement.

#6 – 3801 SW Hamilton St.

But why are all the separate living quarters you’ve shown us so far in the basement? Don’t worry, Portland has many fantastic detached ADU’s at the moment. Detached ADU’s are great for those who’d like a little more distance between their home space and that of their tenant or family.

This picturesque, forested home gives you just that. Mature trees and landscaping capture the essence of privacy, despite being minutes from downtown. Meanwhile, the ADU is situated at a distance from the house, complete with its own deck and woodburning stove.

#7 – 1323 NE 60th Ave.

1323 NE 60th Ave

The aerial view of this photograph shows you one of the greatest appeals of this property – we’re not talking about a tiny home in the backyard here. First you have a bungalow, which may appear to be the main house. But the previous owner actually rented this home and lived in the ADU behind it. This ADU is a bit smaller, with one bedroom instead of two, but comes with impeccably clean modern design. With Commercial Mixed Use zoning, the possibilities here are myriad.

#8 – 3267 N Baldwin St.

And now for a little trip to North Portland. This is a cozy home that comes with completely new renovation. You can bet everything on the interior is shining new – no updates or repairs necessary. The one bedroom ADU is situated behind the house, at a distance. But the distance doesn’t come at the price of roominess in the unit itself. It’s a nicely sized, open space with an updated kitchen.

#9 – 1425 SW Harrison St.

This lovely Victorian home will have you upstairs on that upper patio enjoying the fruits of your labor (it’s just walking distance from the PSU farmer’s market). With all new remodeling, every detail of this home is ready for your move in. The ADU is situated towards the back of the property, so that it doesn’t compromise your enjoyment of the yard.

#10 – 1824 SE 23rd Ave.

Why not go out with the big guns? It’s hard not to get excited about this Colonial Revival mansion, which gives all the impression of being a country estate while being within blocks of the excitement on Hawthorne. Vaulted ceilings, enormous fireplaces, and an English garden tell you that this place is exuding grandeur. On top of the three car garage, you’ll find a separate one bedroom apartment. What to do with it? That’s entirely up to you.

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